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Back To School Picnic

Community Programs - Back To School Picnic As the summer months come to an end and most of our vacation memories begin to fade, St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters respond to the needy by creating a full day of new memories in celebration of summer and the beginning to a new school year.

Every child enjoys the freedom that summertime offers. But with children at home these months, and not benefiting from school breakfast and lunch programs, families of St. Francis Food Pantries & Shelters feel an increase on their food and nutritional needs. This often means that by the end of summer parents cannot afford many of the items returning to school requires.

"Back To School Picnics" are held each August to helhp parents stretch their resources by presenting children with gift bags filled with school supplies at the close of a relaxing day of good food and company. Popular picnic spots provide peaceful settings for a fun-filled day when families come together to enjoy a wonderful catered barbecue lunch. Adults and children participate in playing games, visiting old friends, and just enjoying the beautiful sunny day together.

"Back To School Picnics" are one samll way we continue to treat our clients with dignity, while encouraging them to look forward with hope.