Our Approach:  We work closely with our client to characterize the technology area that
supports the marketing effort they may be considering.  From this we can proceed to identify
acquisition candidate patent portfolios of interest.

Our methodology is significantly data driven but also overlaps with efforts within our network to
determine the availability of portfolios that relate to the technology to be deployed.  The
phases we typically work through include:

  • Characterizing the technology to be deployed.

  • Data mining to isolate relevant patents and patent holders.

  • Ranking of acquisition candidates and then approaching selected targets while
    preserving the anonymity of our client.

  • Moving discussions to the point of an NDA and facilitating an introduction.

  • Working with our client and the key patent holders to create one or a number of
    beneficial transactions.

We often find that the best results occur at the intersection of our data mining efforts and our
efforts to isolate available patents from within our network of contacts.
Entering new technology markets or expanding existing product lines
across international borders requires a critical review of the applicable
patent landscape and any standards that apply to the product space
involved.  Mapping the potential IP land mines and acquiring relevant
patents in advance can put your company in a strong position to
operate without interference and to bargain with those who
use their patents to exact an admission fee from new
market players or to bar
entry altogether.
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