Intellectual Property Investment Banking:   Inflexion Point’s IP investment banking model is based on
the premise that IP is no longer viewed merely as a bundle of legal rights to be enforced or licensed.  
IP is now viewed as a commercial asset class like real property or corporate securities.  This change
in perception has opened up a range of “monetization” opportunities based on adaptation of the
models that have been used with more traditional asset classes.
Value Proposition:  It’s widely recognized that
upwards of 70% of the market value of technology
companies is in the form of intangible assets.  Most
of this is “intellectual capital” which includes both
intellectual property rights such as patents,
trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and less
well-defined assets such as customer loyalty, inter-
company relationships, and undocumented know-
how, and patentable inventions in the minds of

Our experience is that many companies pay too little
attention to the IP-related components of corporate
value because IP is generally viewed as too abstract,
complex, and unquantifiable to be included in the
value calculus involved in business transactions.  

We disagree.  In a knowledge-based economy,
innovative technology creates competitive advantage
in the form of lead time or first mover advantage.  
Good IP in the form of patents and intellectual
property rights, however, creates
competitive advantage.
Structured For Results:  Inflexion Point Strategy, LLC provides a full range of intellectual property
investment banking services.  We provide expert support by assembling and managing select teams
of technical experts, market analysts, and patent research specialists to match the project needs of
our client buy-side and sell-side engagements.

Distinctive Competence:  Our team members all have had “hands-on” experience in commercializing
technology and monetizing the value of associated IP.

  • We know IP.  We have handled the IP aspects of over $50 billion worth of high tech joint
    ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and investments.

  • We’re connected.  We have an extensive network of high-level contacts in the largest
    technology companies in Silicon Valley, across the US, and around the World.

  • We’re focused.  We can quickly assemble a highly customized deal team with the right
    technical background, industry experience, and market knowledge.

  • We’re flexible.  We are an outside resource that can bring experience, creativity, analysis, and
    visualization tools to any IP project based on the breadth and scope of the assignment.
Inflexion Point represents technology companies and institutional
investors in buying, selling, and investing in intellectual property
including patent portfolios, exclusive rights, related know-how,
and businesses for which IP assets
are critically important.
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We Focus on Bringing the Value of
Intellectual Property Assets to the Bottom Line.
Inflexion Point provides an integrated approach to
monetizing patents and related know-how
through expertise in technology, business and
intellectual property transactions.