Recent articles published regarding Inflexion Point, intellectual
property, and our approach to monetizing
patent portfolios.
Articles, Publications, and Interviews
M&A Roundtable - Buying into the Idea Business: How the Market for Intellectual
property Has Changed Amid the Downturn
Mergers & Acquisitions Magazine, November, 2009

The Evolving Role of IP in M&A: From Deal-Breaker to Deal-Maker
Chapter 12 in “From Assets to Profits: Competing for IP Value & Return,” Bruce
Berman. Wiley 2009)

IP-driven M&A
A Video Interview with Ron Laurie forThe IP Society, June 2009

The CIPO Role & How It May Develop
IAM Magazine Video Interview With Ron Laurie and Guest CIPOs at the IP Business
Congress Chicago, June 2009

Reinventing The Deal
Mergers & Acquisitions Round Table, October 2008

Business Opportunity Alternatives to Assertion-Based Patent Monetization Part 2
Patent Strategy & Management, October 2007.

Business Opportunity Alternatives to Assertion-Based Patent Monetization Part I
Patent Strategy & Management, September 2007.

The Recipe For CIPO Success
IAM Magazine, October-November 2007.

The CIPO Manifesto
IAM Magazine, August-September 2007.

Integrating IP Value Assessment into Early Stage M&A Activity
IP Value 2007, January 2007.

Managing Intellectual Property Allocation in Joint Ventures
Chapter 15, LESI Guide to Licensing Best Practices
Strategic, Territorial and Technology Issues, Wiley, 2006.

The Role of the CIPO in M&A Transactions
IP Law Bulletin, October 27, 2005

Skadden Lawyer Starts Up IP Strategy Consulting Firm
The Recorder. Jan 22, 2004 (pdf)

Pulling Up a Chair: IP litigators are taking a place at the deal table in M&A
The Recorder. Mar 19, 2003 (pdf)

Think Big: With just about every lawyer these days touting his premier
copyright, trademark and patent practice, who really stands heads above the
rest in intellectual property law? We offer a brain trust of 25 lawyers who
comprise the state’s best and brightest in the white-hot specialty.
San Francisco Daily Journal. Feb 24, 2003
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